This Book Will Be a Failure

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This Book Will Be a Failure

Elliott Fienberg
3 ratings

This book is for people who want to move the needle on their creative projects. The 27 micro-essays within tackle issues around social media overload, finding time to get work done while working jobs, and finding actionable strategies for fleshing out ideas and assigning value to them, I pulled out all the stops on this one.

    Part 1: Mindset

  • Begin With Where You Are

  • What It Means To Be An Artist

  • The Problem With Social Media

  • Do a Bad Job

  • Mutual Medicine

  • Your Work Creates Rather Than Takes

  • Plato's Cave

  • Form a Band

  • Enjoy the Challenge of Business

  • The Cold Shower

  • Cast a Stunt Double

  • Artists with Jobs

  • Fleshing Ideas Out

    Part 2: Fleshing Ideas Out

  • Morning Pages and Free Writing

  • The Value of Content

  • What is the Minimum Viable Sale?

  • Why You Don't Have to Become Mike Holmes

  • Play to the Coffee Shop

  • Getting to Work

    Part 3: Getting to Work

  • Evening Routines

  • When is the Right Time for X?

  • No Deadline, No Delivery

  • Boats

  • Beauty is Found in Less

  • What You Can Learn from a Rookie Lawyer

  • The Art of Doing Nothing

  • Tying It All Together: Working Through a Pandemic

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